There You Go - Pink

Please don't come around talking about that you love me
Cause they looked just for me
I dont wanna hear that you adore me
And I know that all you're doing is playing your mind games
Don't you know that game is peace game
So your best bet is to be straight with me
So you say you wanna talk let's talk
If you won't talk I'll walk
Yea it's like that
I got a new man, he's waiting out back

* (Now what) what you think about that
Now when I say I'm through, I'm through
Basically I'm through with you
What you wanna say
Had to have it your way
Had to play games
Now you're begging me to stay

** There you go looking pitiful
Just because I let you go
There you go talking about you want me back
But sometimes it be's like that
So there you go talking about you miss me so
That you love me so I let you go
There you go cause your lies got old
Look at you, there you go

Please don't come around talking about how you changed
How you say goodbye to what's her name
All it sounds to me like it's new game
And I, right about the time when I thought
I be better off without you
Had to get myself from around you
Cause my life was all about you
So you say you wanna talk, I don't
Say you wanna change, I won't
Yeah it's like that
Had your chance, won't take ya back now, what

[Repeat * , **]

Don't you wish you could turn the hands of time
Don't you wish you still were mine
Don't you wish I take you back
When you wish things were simple like that oh
Didn't miss a good thing 'till it's gone
But I knew it wouldn't be long 'till you came running back
Missing my love, there you go

[Repeat **] till fade

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