But Now I'm Back - Pink Martini

My dear Maria
I'm here to see you
Won't you please please open the door
I brought you flowers
Been waiting hours
Can't stand it anymore

So here's what happened
When you were napping
I just went out for a snack
I was feeling famished
And then I vanished
But now I'm back

Now he's back
Had a snack
Now he's back

My heart is burning
For that love of ours
For that sea of stars
Let me in so I can prove to you
That no one else
Can love you, girl
The way that I do

Oh how I miss you
I wanna kiss you
And hold you close
From dusk until dawn
So let's just make up
And when you wake up
I promise not to be gone

You know I love you
Dream only of you
So please,
Please cut me some slack
I went away
Just a couple of days
But now I'm back

Now he's back
Cut him slack
Now he's back

Maria, baby,
I guess that maybe
You're still a little angry with me
But it's getting late and
The boys are waiting
Gotta get something to eat

I better go now
I hope you know now
I love you, that is a fact
Gotta hurry
But don't you worry, babe
'Cause I'll be back

He'll be back
It's a fact
He'll be back
Don't attack

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