Dance Hall at Louise Point - PJ Harvey

I lost my heart
under the bridge
to that little girl
so much to me
and now I moan
and now I holler
she'll never know
just what I found
that blue-eyed girl
(that blue-eyed girl)
she said no more
(she said no more)
that blue-eyed girl
(that blue-eyed girl)
became blue-eyed whore
(became blue-eyed whore)
down by the water
(down by the water)
I took her hand
(I took her hand)
just like my daughter
(just like my daughter)
see her again
(see her again)
Oh help me Jesus
come through the storm
I had to lose her
to do her harm
I heard her holler
(I heard her holler)
I heard her moan
(I heard her moan)
my lovely daughter
(my lovely daughter)
I took her home
(I took her home)
little fish, big fish, swimming in the water
come back here man, give me my daughter (repeat x8)

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