I Don't Get Down Like That - Play



Na, na, na, na, no

Naaaa, ohh, yea

Read the story from a record book
I knew the game with just one look
What you're all about (what you're all about)
There can be no doubt

You know I got someone
It's plain to see
But even still you tryin to talk to me
Like you didn't know (like you didn't know)
Boy it's time to go (it's time to go)

I told you the scenario
Made it crystal clear
Spell it out from a-z
Which part of no don't you hear

Told you I'm already taken
That's a move I won't makin
I made a vow, never break it
It's a matter of fact
That I don't get down like that
Know I gotta one and only
And you don't really know me
But everyday you try to phone me
And I never call back
Cuz I don't get down like that

Ohh yea....

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