Lay Down Your Life - Pope Jane

Come rest your head on my shoulder. It's alright, close your eyes...
Curl up and hang upon my coat rack, the armor that you wear outside

Just let you bubble to the surface, show me that childlike smile,
Don't be afraid of your own purpose, stay and be still for awhile...

Lay down your life; Lay down your life; Lay down your life...with me. With me.

Nuzzle tighter and demolish the walls erected in your youth
Inside the rubble, spit and polished, stands the spirit of your truth...

Shining brighter than the waters, with a tongue that speaks in flames,
Your heart could not burn any hotter. Why does your passion cause you pain?


You're breathing slows and you are sleeping, wrapped around me with your wings
And I can see just what you're keeping inside your mind with all your things...

You are fulfilled, you are at rest. You are weak-willed, but at your best.
You are the safest that you've been as long as you remember when.

You are so full of raw desire. You are alive, you feel inspired
You're thawing out, you're kicking in. You've wrapped into me through my skin

Where do you stop, and I begin? Where do you stop, and I begin?
Where do you stop, and I begin? Where do you stop, when will you...

Chorus x 2

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