24 Seven - Popsie

Your eyes I could not forget
You swept me of me feet,
Without you I'm not complete
You know I felt so blue
Until the day I met you
Now I can run a mile
Just to see you smile

* Our love is electric power,
Every minute it grows stronger
Turn my soul into fire
And I can't take this any longer

** 24Seven and I'm in heaven,
When you touch me I burst
You take me into Universe
24Seven and I'm in heaven
It brings me such delight
To love you in the candle light
So here I am for you

You make me loose control
Of my body and my soul
I fall deep into trance
In this crazy romance
You took me by surprise
And now I'm in paradise
You make my life supreme,
'Cause you're the answer to my dreams

[Repeat * , **]

When you kiss me so gently
I want it to last forever
So come on release your feelings,
Come closer let me love you,
'Cause it's now or never

[Repeat **]

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