Rewind - Precious

My love, I know I was wrong thought I let go to move on
And there?s just one thing that I must do
Need to proof to you again, you?re still the one till the end
Erase this heartbreak I?ve been going through

Let me show you everything that could be
All the love that?s in me when we?re again, oh my baby

Chorus :
I can?t deny just what you mean to me
Words can?t describe, it?s all in my heart
The more I try to live individually, somethings tells me
Take it back in time, take it back in time, Rewind


The symphony of you and me keeps on longing to be
Those memories they circle through my mind
I guess somethings are destiny, now I finally see
The one sure thing I need is you inside

Let me show you, exactly how it could be
Something that it should be, when we?re again, oh my baby


The more I try, the more I find, all we had you and me
Now I long to right this wrong, and be with you again

Now I know our love can win, baby bring me back to bed
Take this chance and we can heal this defy
Why not tell me the where or when, here?s the moment when we
Take it back in time, take it back in time, rewind

[Chorus] x 2

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