Dolls (Come on Baby Let's Have a Good Time) - Primal Scream

Saw you walking down the street holding hands with some other guy,
Well a short skin suit, black patent leather boots, big brown round saucer eyes,
that's right!
I didn't talk to you then, you was kissing your friend,
Besides, it was the wrong time and place.
I went home, took a shower, met a lady, I got some flowers but shows ya hey I knew we'd meet again.

So I searched all over town, dudes hanging around,
No one had ever seen a chick like you before.
I hit strip joints and museums, bars and clubs and - jesus -
I even prayed in a cathedral for your soul.
Then one rainy winter Tuesday
I saw you on the subway
You were heading for the tunnel near the door.
I pressed my face against the glass, you sped by me in a flash
Like a motorcycle crash you smoked my skull.

So once again, walking in the pouring rain
Wondering who and why and where and what you were.
I had hallucinatory dreams, shivers, sweats and screams,
Like an opium withdrawal, only worse.
Then on one hot summer night I took a motorcycle ride,
Saw you looking really evil, spitting fire from your eyes.
Like a rockabilly queen, 'bout to kick start your machine.
Like a fighter pilot flying off to war.
You had a tight black leather jacket, skull and crossbones on the back,
God bless the sould of sweet Gene Vincent, there you were!

Don't want your diamonds, don't want your gold,
I want your love, I want your soul,
Come on babe, let's have a good time!

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