Girls & Boys - Prince

Girls and boys!

He only knew her 4 a little while
But he had grown accustomed 2 her style
She had the cutest ass he ever seen
But he did 2, they were meant 2 be
They loved 2 kiss on the steps of Versailles
It looked like rain, mama, birds do fly

I love U baby, I love U so much
Maybe we can stay in touch
Meet me in another world, space, and joy
Vous ?tes tr?s belle, mama, girls and boys {U're very pretty, ...}

He gave her all the love that anyone can
But she was promised 2 another man
He tried so hard not 2 go insane
Birds do fly, it looks like rain


Life is precious baby, love is so rare
I could take the breakup if U say that U care
He had 2 run away, his pride was 2 strong
It started raining, baby, the birds were gone, oh

Maybe (CHORUS)
Meet me in another world
Vous ?tes tr?s belle, mama, girls and boys

I want U, baby (CHORUS)
Maybe we can play 2day
Vous ?tes tr?s belle, girls and boys

Vous ?tiez de l'autre c?t?de la salle
{U were on the other end of the room}
Vous dansiez si fort je sentais votre parfum
{U were dancing so hard I could smell your perfume}
Votre sourire me dit que nous devrions nous parler...
{Your smile tells me that we should talk...}
Sur la piste de dance, baby
{On the dance floor, baby}
Fais cet appel pour moi
{Make that call 4 me}
Oh oui, baby - sexe et repos
{Oh yes, baby - sex and rest}
Et ne r?sistez pas
{And U won't resist it}
Vous savez que vous aimerez ca, baby, oh ouah
{U know U'll like that, baby, oh ow!}
Je vous enlacerai avec mes jambes, baby
{I will wrap my legs around U, baby}
Pendant des heures je veux vous ?tonner, baby
{4 hours and hours I want 2 amaze U, baby}
Fleurs dans votre bain, amour dans vos draps
{Flowers in your bath, love in your sheets}
Faire l'amour, faire l'amour - o?nous rencontrerons-nous?
{Make love, make love - where will we meet?}


I want U baby, I want U so much (CHORUS)
Maybe, maybe we can stay in touch
Another world, space
Lips, face

Happiness in its uncut form
Is the feeling that I get in your warm, warm...
Happy's what I get when we do what we do
Happiness, mama, is being with U ... good Lord

Meet me somewhere after dawn ... Lord

(I love U baby, I love U so much)
(Maybe we can stay in touch)
(I love u baby, I love U so much)
Vous ?tes tr?s belle (Maybe we can stay in touch {x4})
So like I saw U from across the room and..
Honey, U danced so hard I smelled your perfume
And the look on your lips said that a..
We could talk some more, some more on the dance floor baby

Hear the words I'm sayin' (CHORUS)
Feel the sex I'm layin'
Naughty's what I wanna be with U 2night, 2night
Vous ?tes tr?s belle, mama, girls and boys

Vous ?tes tr?s belle, mama, girls and boys
Vous ?tes tr?s belle, mama, girls and boys
Vous ?tes tr?s belle, mama, girls and boys
Girls and boys

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