Horny Toad - Prince

{b-side of delirious}
If i had your number
I'd call u on the phone
I'd breathe a little heavy [...] word maybe i'd start to groan

I don't love u
I'm just a horny toad

I don't want your money
'cause i got all i need
All i want is to rub your body until u start to bleed

I don't love u
I'm just a horny toad

If i had your address
I'd come right 2 your door
I'd knock all day till u let me in and then i'd knock some more

I ain't crazy
I'm just a horny toad

If u think i'm nasty
U ain't seen nothing yet
Y'see i'm the kinda brother that the more u scream the nastier i get

I can't help it
I'm just a horny toad

Now watch me dance!

Run and go tell your boyfriend
His loving has got you bored
Might as well pack his things and get his bad ass on the road

Tell him u live on a lilly pad
With a horny toad

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