New Power Generation - Prince

Lay down your funky weapon
Yeah y'all, here we go
Pumpin' the big noise in the 90's
Pardon me 4 livin' but this is my world 2
I can't help if what's cool 2 us might be strange 2 U
Pardon me 4 breathin', can we borrow some of your air?
The problem with U and your kind is U don't know love is there

Lay down your funky weapon, come join us on the floor
Making love and music's the only things worth fighting 4
We are the New Power Generation - we wanna change the world
The only thing that's in our way is U, ooh
Your old fashioned music, your old ideas
We're sick and tired of U telling us what 2 do, ooh

Pardon me 4 thinking but there's something under my hair
I bet U thought the lights were on but no one's livin' there
U think that if U tell enough lies they will see the truth
I hope they bury your old ideas the same time they bury U

(Oh yeah)
(U, U)

We are the new (huh!)
We are the new {x2}
Makin' love and music
New Power, (huh!) we stand

Pardon us 4 caring, we didn't know it was against the rules (Shout it out)
If we only wanna love one another then tell me now, who's the fool? (Tell me, tell me)
No father, no mother, no sister, no brother, nobody can make me stop
So if U didn't come 2 party child, I think U better get up offa my block!

(Hey yeah, yeah)
(U, U, U, U)
(Your old ideas)
(Why don't U just be happy, baby?)
(Go'n on and get up offa my block)
(Get up offa my block, cuz love is there)
(If U'd just open up 2 it)
(If U'd just believe, your whole world would change, yes it will)

New Power Generation
U got 2 rearrange (We've got 2 rearrange)
We are the New Power Generation
U gotta give up all the fightin'
We gotta try 2 love one another, yeah
We are the New Power Generation {x3} {fade out}

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