New Power Generation (Pt. II) - Prince

(We are the New Power Generation) {x4} {fade in}
Don't pick my apples, don't pick my peaches {sample from "My Tree"}
Leave my tree alone, leave it alone, leave it alone
(Well, yeah yeah yeah...)
(Don't U look at me)
If U're sad and U know it and U think U wanna blow it
Look up in the sky, love is there!
Oobey shoo doo loo be doo, loo fly me shoo koo doo ooh {x3} {Sample from "Oobey Doop"}

Kid! (Yo?)
Kid, I got 2 do this
I got the noise, I got 2 do this, man
Then pump the big noise, c'mon in the house...

This here rap's about the true confession
If ya listen close U 'bout 2 learn a lesson
U must know failure before success
Now this is the failure I must confess (Well)
I was hanging onto life trying deal with this
Playing the games, almost got dismissed
C_caine was the thing that I took on
And nowhere was the place that I was goin' (Preach brother, c'mon)
I must tell the truth, I cannot lie
I was headed 4 the kill, steal, destroy, and die
Top 2 the bottom 2 bottom 2 top
Success is where I'm headed, there ain't no doubt
Success is something that we all want
But the truth is what we need 2 reach that point
I had 2 give this message the so-called truth
I hope there's somthin' in it that's there 4 U
Like I said before, I'ma tell U again {"Loveleft, Loveright" CHORUS in BG x2}
Success is something that's deep within
So remember the truth - U can't go wrong
The flesh is weak but the spirit is strong
I know I can do this rap, and I know it's right
Cuz I did it in the name of Jesus Christ
C'mon somebody, lets party 2night!

U want me 2 what?? (Shake!) {sample from "Positive Place"}
Yo, what? (Shake! Shake!)

The New Power Generation has just taken control

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