Don't Let Go - Professor Green feat Lady Ny

It all started in hackney, where I was born and raised
I was bored and raised, hell before I caught the name
Pro, pro, professor green, here we go, go
But there was so much in-between
Life's lost, lost, as I was
Before I got, this name
I was on the block high of reeper
Started out sellin it
so was it I could get it out cheaper
nah ye never thought that Id be a drug dealer
but now look what I've become
sh_t swtitched quick
another statistic
and ever since I've bin shift
to grow bin give,
been prepared to
cause I aint been anymore legit
just more carefull
this rap sh_ts therapy
it don't pay the bills, the rills, im still selling weed
obstacles I've over come
ive no doubt theres more to come
but theres got to be more to life im bored of being short and fun
one minuite your mashin, the next minuite your brasin
sitting scratchin you head like how did this sh_t happen?
Thats the way of the roads
Which is why I want to switch up and get paper from flows

I know I had a deal I should of been an done it
But the beats went bust
F_ck it whats done is done
Its time to move on im moon strung
Doin all that I can do to see all those, That wanna hate proved wrong
They cant deny im sick with the flow
Sick wit it, went quick wit it
But just as sick when I give it them slow
Im quick quited, I've been ripping up shows
Then picking up pace, im top man there washed man im gone
And im still picking up pace got speed like I got man picking up base
Im billing, im chilling,
im billing, I hazed,
offended off north Easters im really not fazed
by the sh_t they speak about me
at least the speak about me
cant see its cloudy
with all this weed I'm drowsy
high aint from the bits and you see me round east
Round east parts it's hard
Sh_t goes wrong
Its easy to let go
Its hard just to hold on
Feel like I'm losing hold
And you don't wanna see me when I lose control

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