Kalopsia - Queens of the Stone Age feat Alex Turner

I never lied to myself tonight
Rose-tinted eyes colour my sorrow a shade of white

Bye bye black balloon
See you real soon
Wave bye bye
Bye bye

Oh why you so sad?
What have they done?
Forget those mindless baboons
They're off playing god
Copycats in cheap suits
All playing it safe
While cannibals with their noose
Consume the parade

Is it wonderful?

Kalopsia... [5x]

Far, far from shore
The land of nightmares
Gone forever more
And I love you more
Than I can't control
I don't even try

Why would I?

Oh, why the long face?
You've got it all wrong
Forget the rat in the race
We'll choke chain them all
Fate favor the ones who help themselves
The rest feel the sting of the lash
As they row (As they row) the boat (the boat) straight to hell, hell, hell

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