Old 8 X 10 - Randy Travis

well know it ain't much
but it's all that i have since she's gone

one black and white mem'ry
of the only love i've ever known
one moment in time
when we were together
a page from the past
to haunt me forever
a constant reminder that hearts heal much slower than bones

now my whole world's in one 8x10
with 4 metal walls holding it in
through one plate glass window
'neath a blanket of dust
stands an 8x10 picture of us

i wish i'd have told her what i felt inside
back when her sweet love was growing like wine
i wish she'd come back and love me again
the way that she loved me in that old 8x10

now the silence i deaf'ning
as the date turns to dark
her presence gets stronger with each beat of my heart

i pretned that she's here
and we've made a new start
and for a moment
she's back in my arms


there's an 8x10 picture of us

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