Point of Light - Randy Travis

There is a point when you can not walk away.
When you have to stand up straight and tall and mean the words you say.
There is a point you must decide just to do it because it's right.
That's when you become a point of light.

There is a darkness which everyone must face.
It wants to take what's good and fair and turn it all to waste,
And this darkness covers everything in sight - until it meets a
single point of light.


All it takes is a point of light.
A ray of hope in the darkest night.
If you see what's wrong, and you try
and make it right, you will be a point of light.

There are heroes whose names we'll never hear.
A dedicated army of quiet volunteers.
Reaching out to help the homeless.
Reaching out to save the land.
Reaching out to help their fellow man.

There are dreamers who are making
dreams come true.
Taking time to to teach the children
that there's nothing they can't do.
Reach out to help the hungry.
Reaching out to those without.
Isn't that what this land's all about?

Repeat refrain above and then sing:

If you see what's wrong and you try
and make it right, you will be a point
of light.

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