There'll Always Be a Honky Tonk Somewhere - Randy Travis

There may no be a Superbowl in 2083
Cars and trains and video games will all be history
The world just keeps on changing, things come and then they go
Nothing lasts forever except one thing I know

There'll always be a honky tonk
With a jukebox in the corner
And someone crying in their beer
And one old hanger-oner
And a lady looking lonely
From a losing love affair
Yeah there'll always be a honky tonk somewhere
Yeah there'll always be a honky tonk somewhere

There may be factories on the moon and farming out in space
It seems there's nothing here on earth
That something won't replace
But as long as there's a broken heart there'll be a place to go
Where good ole boys meet good ole girls
And the wine and music flow

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