One Good Love - Rascal Flatts

One good love
Erases all the bitter tears on a empty
dance hall
All those lonely nights when she never called
It just don't seem so tragic after all
With one good love

One good love
And daddy's hands were strong and fair
And a momma understands because she's been
And all mistakes were just because they
cared so much
With one good love

One good love
You bless all my memories
You soften the fall of my tears
And in my arms you're more than enough
You're one good love

Hey, you're one good love
Yeah, you're one good love

(Repeat chorus)

One good love
And born again means more than pass the
plate and bow your head
yes, you bury what needs burying, you raise it
from the dead
The very best, you heal the brokenness, give
grace to everyone
With one good love

Yeah, oh, one good love
Hey, hey, one good love
Yeah, I'll give you one good love
Oh, give me one good love now, love yeah
Lord, I feel born again, yeah
You got to give me one good love now
One good love


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