Cinderella - Regina Spektor

May I do the un-troduction, Cinderella
Shoe, shoe was Cinderella
In this little cellar
We grow like weeds
Cause it's damp and dark
And we chose to park right here
Oh dear oh dear oh dea-ea-ea-ear

Someone is bound
To notice that we don't
Blend in no matter how hard
The bartender tries
With our parking skills
And our lullabies
So he lays and lies and lies

Sayin' oh man
I've got me a cunt back home
And she's got herself a
Bun in the oven
If you know what I mean
I mean I tried
I tried to keep the whole thing clean
And it never happened on a screen
And it was seen
Never happening by
Millions of people
Oh sometimes you just gotta
Sell your sou-ou-oul
Sometimes you just gotta
Sell your soul

Shoe, shoe
Cinderella, Cinderella
Shoe, shoe

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