The Soup - Regina Spektor

The soup
Was hot and split pea and on the stove
And Michael and Marry and Bugsy and Buster were occupied
The pictures had clear resolution in their minds
And the plan was fool-proof but there was so much to do

First they'd decide who'd drive the car
Who'd wear the masks and who'd bribe the cops
Then they'd decide what were the rules
When do you shoot and when do you pull back?

They'd synchronize their watches
And their heartbeats in their rib-cages
This can't be a mess, this can't be a mess

Nobody knows how it comes to be
That they think that they must and they do what they can
But the cops are right there and the sirens, they blare
And the by-starers stare and everyone just stands

Bugsy went down first, then Marry
Then Michael drove off and Buster just ran
He was running like a child running in a game of tag
Until he was hit, until he was it...

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