Conceited Messages (Skit) - Remy Ma

[Guy talking (Remy Ma talking):]

Damn man where the f_ck shorty at?
I kno she aint gonna flake out on me.
There she go...
Hey was good ma??
(hey babii! my bad im late wats going on??)
yo check this out here take this rite here
(wats this?)
put that in there
(i got it wats this?)
yo look man you already kno where to meet me at later rite
(oh my God wat do u mean i already know where to meet you at
im not meetin you anywhere i dont wanna gape him)
you dont wanna wat
(i dont wanna gape him!)
yo listen man we already went throw this shyt already.
(we went threw nothing)
i already told you
(no we didnt)
i already told you man we planed set out
(you didnt tell me anything)
aint no trunin back!
(whick part of i kno son i mad chill with him i madd chill with his moms like)
who give -- i dont give a f_ck about his moms
(you dont give a f_ck about nothing)
listen dis n_gga gonna get it
(listen to nothing you act like you really need the money he's not getting anything)
thats it rite there
(NO!, no thats mad grimmy)
yo ma i dont wana argue about this
(i dont wanna aruge with you neither)
i out of here
(go over there and do sumthing)
you already no where to meet me at
(im not meetin u no where)
ima be there juss make sure youur there!

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