Guilty - Remy Ma

He put the gun in my hand
I took my hand and put the gun in my pants
I took my pants and pulled them up on my ass
I got the cash out my pocket dropped it
And got my ass outta dodge
Put into the car started it stepped on the gas
Looked at the dash see 95 really seem fast when you so f_cking mad and so f_cking high
And you can't stop crying
Oh sh_t i just ran a stop sign f_ck it its nothing
This n_gga got me stressing
I can't believe he got me bugging
Now i'm driving reckless i can't even see and my high beams ain't even helping
But nobody be really using the streets before 7
I got the peddle to the metal like i lost my mind
And i ain't even see the school crossing sign
Car in the faster gear wind blowing in my hair
Seat belt, light blinking, but i don't care
Somebody crossing the street cam outta no where
Ran right into them body flew in the air
Oh my GOD my face already covered with tears
Saying my prayers i ain't even say i swear
I thoguht off of reflex saw blood every where
Mostly around the head of the litlle girl holding a teddy bear
I'm sorry all i can hear is i want my mommy
Then i ain't hear nothing from the little girls body
I'm scared but i can't stop what i'm gon do
First thing the cops gon say was that it was drug influence
They ain't gon understand what this n_gga was doin
How he made me drive fast when i should've be cruising
And they probably ain't gon believe that it wasn't they weed and shorty
just popped up in the middle of the street
And they really gon be hating wit this gun on my waist
And i checked shorty pulse and i don't think she gon make it
Dial 911 or damn should i run
I'm just weighing out my options before some body come
If i stay i go to jail if i run i'll be wrong
This is taking to long
F_ck it i'm gone

Damn i shoulda hit my brakes
Sometimes we all make mistakes
I guess i'm not that heartless
Cuz now i got a guilty conscience

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