Secret Location - Remy Ma

See most n_ggaz call they girls
When they wanna give a d_ck
My shawtys call me when they wanna get a brick
'cuz even when I'm not spitting I'm still that b_tch
In the the kitchen with the ...
Vision and the way I chef up make you hang your connect up see
I guarantee to bring back extra take a buc thirty of white
Make 200 hard in this b_tta plus 70 grand for Remy Ma
Now god
Now that's a profit see I'm like a profit and see
Imma have all of my followers run
Through ya projects and smack the sh_t out of anybody
That's not on my d_ck
See they playing the...
But what they forgot is imma lunatic
A crazy ass b_tch with not enough sense
But too much dollas
I pop the top right off of your f_cking collar...
I know where I be n_gga holla.

[Hook 2x]
I just copped a lil crib in the secret location
Laced it
Put a strip pole in the basement
Never keep the guns the same place where the safe is
Neva keep the funds the same place where the base is

Now that's word to grandma
I copped the hammer on the block and blow ya face
That's in front of the camera and plug that hole with ya little bandana
And I still got my Juelz like my name is Santana
Look lil homie yall really don't know me
Looking for the squad but see I'm by my lonely b_tches
Gon pay like yall mothaf_ckas owe me like puff n mase
Can't nobody hold me down from the boogy bronx style with my hoodie
Got pounds of the brown right on the boulevard
Getting so down in that mothaf_ckin tittie bar
Like f_ck these b_tches I'm tryna get pissy
And I'm not gay
So f_ck the body
Look around
It's a sorry party
When I pull up in the pink Benz
With the powder pink tims on 22 inches half black chink
Friends hop out with the pink tims
Laced with the mink trim
What yall gon think
Then bet you gon love Rem
Yall wanna f_ck Rem
But yall was saying f_ck rem
So now yall just f_cked up

[Hook 2x]

I ain't too hard
These broads is just too easy
That's why everytime I rhyme I be doin 'em greasy
Please believe me I'm hot no matter the season I spit
So sick the track be sneezing hook be coughing
Got the whole studio freezing if you hit me and I hit you
We still ain't even 'cuz I'm not leaving 'til you stop
Breathing ain't nothing worst than getting popped for no reason
I wanna see shot laid out just leaking ya words
Can't come out 'cuz ya mouth keep bleeding ya
Tanktop burgundy white tee burgundy
I know yall b_tches wishing that them n_ggaz would've murdered me
Remy Ma
You know me if not you heard of me
The reason you gon have to invest in plastic surgery
I'm good with a hood n some tims
F_ck burglary
My weed is on the island and my guns is out in Germany

[Hook 2x]

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