Belly (The Grass Stains) - Rex Orange County

Grass stains all on my blue jeans
They used to be new jeans
But now they're all f_cked

Summer's gone and so is she
The only one left I know is me
But I still feel f_cked

Pizza box
Wedding ring left amongst the crust
Remember when your wedding ring began to rust
And the Mona lisa wasn't real

Why's Madonna on the radio
And where on earth did my baby go
Was she ever even mine
Was she ever even mine

So I'm sorry that you're tired
And you don't wanna leave
But girl, I can't stop your crying
It's a shame that you can't see
It's all here for you
It's all here for you

I heard she hates her dad
Even though he bought her that Mercedes Benz
She likes to stay alone
And do drugs with her friends
Pass out in the afternoon
And wake up next to them
She needs to know herself
Before she falls in love again

Swimming pools
Rich youth and being cool
We didn't learn a single thing in school
But daddy already payed
Whip the Benz
Pedal to the floor in your new heels
Wish you could know just how happiness feels
Well at least you're all alone
Well at least you're all alone

For f_ck's sake

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