Arizona - Rich Brian feat August 08

[AUGUST 08:]
Yeah, yeah, da, da, da
Said, ah, ah, ah, no starvin', ahem, yeah

Hope is gone, is gone, since I been in Arizona, yeah
I fell in love, in love, since I been in Arizona
Ooh, when the sun comes through the grass, I know exactly who to call
Watchin' the sun set in your eyes but I spend the night alone

Ooh, in Arizona, in Arizona, in Arizona
Ooh, in Arizona, in Arizona, in f_ckin' Arizona

[Rich Brian:]
Transportin' through the land, searchin' for the desert sand
World tour, Jodeci, "Diary of a Mad Band"
4 AM, microdose, feelin' like a mad man
Don't want none of that, eyes on the game plan
Pink haze, lemonade, Ma said, "Brian can't misbehave"
But I feel like Yeezy beamin' out the Milky Way
People try to stop me, but I'm searing through the waves
I know, [?] don't need to give a light show
People wonderin' where in the f_ck is Indo
Starin' at my screen, I need a f_ckin' window
Yeah, cold out so I wear a mink coat
Damn, it feel good to be a boss
Eyes wide open like I'm smokin' on the rocks
Never spent bread even though I got alot
Still like to rap even though I sing alot
Money flipper, I'm earnin' burnin' Catalina wine mixer
Workin' out so much, you might just see me in the Sixers
I'm lookin' pretty good, you might just wanna hide your sisters
I put 'em in their feelings, get them listenin' to SZA
Top down, ass up, p_ssy so good got me doin' back flips
Livin' memories over on my mattress
Damn it taste good, drinkin' from the cactus
Zero gravity in the room like NASA
All I hear is heart beats growin' faster
Mention everything, f_ck it it's the last song
Asked you a question, where's the f_ckin' answer?

[AUGUST 08:]
Ooh, in Arizona, in Arizona, in Arizona
Ooh, in Arizona, in Arizona, in f_ckin' Arizona

[Rich Brian:]
Everyday I gotta regulate, only thing you couldn't do is pray
Remind me of the p_ssy that I ate, hit 'em with another power play
Man, let's face it, they don't really listen to the music
They just want to take a trend and they gon' use it
Been a minute since I've heard a lyric
That can move somebody in their feelings
I just started spittin', then I'm killin' it
I love these women, I'm a feminist
I'm just talkin', they call me a lyricist
I'ma make a debut album after this
It's the end, but I'm just gettin' started
Feel like the finale and [?] I'm the one and only
But I swear about a thousand Indonesian kids will come with me

Say goodbye to your baby girl
Say goodbye to your picket fence
You're about to get drafted, drafted
Drafted in the war games
We've been watchin' down in Panama
Within our Valentino camouflage
Lookin' like I'm drafted, drafted
Drafted in the war games

[Rich Brian & Joji:]
Yeah, I f_ckin' love The Office
Dude, when I saw the season finale I literally cried
I cried, I've never cried that hard before
Really? Why?
Yeah, 'cause it was so emotional
What happened?
What happened?
Um, Michael Scott f_ckin' died
Umm, I think he died from a heart attack. He couldn't like handle the depression of the office anymore
Oh my god
Were people crying?
Damn, I did not know that
He died?
So they killed him off the show?
Yeah, on the last f_ckin' episode

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