Soul Motion - Richard Marx

I've got the fever, poison in my veins
My mind ain't working right
I know the answer, the way to ease this pain
Only got myself to fight
I can see clearly but choose to be blind
A slave to desire
Holding me, scolding me, changing your mind
You're like playing with fire

I need you
I want to stay on this soul motin ride
There is no danger when you're here by my side

Given some distance, just a little time
Right and wrong seems clear
But my sense of reason is nothing but unkind
Every time that you're near
Over and over i say to myself
Ooh, she's only playing
Ten thousand reasons to find someone else
Still i hear myself saying

Repeat chorus

I'm out here on the edge
And i know what's in store
It should be over and done, just let go and run
But i've tasted too much
Nothing's the same anymore

Repeat chorus

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