737 - Rick Ross

(Chorus 2x)
I'm fresh from my head to feet (to my feet)
737 get like me (like me)
So fly but we keep it so street (so street)
Check my swag and do it like me

Verse 1
Yeah I'm flyer than the best of them
Fresher than the rest of them
737 b_tch, that's the new testament
Picture perfect specimen of pimpin' in the flesh
I make top down music or chrom just to flex a bit
Debonaire veteran, know your tired of peddlin'
with petty rappers who say they're trappers with no medicine
Plus I'm riding better than, half of them who swear by that
Know that I'm a client but i'm still the player-president
Lavish is the residence
Plus I f_ck with Meryll-Lynch
Hotter than a kettle b_tch and i got presidence
Over lames who claim they on some better sh_t
B_tch n_ggaz delicate, been the sh_t ever since 1983
80's baby and i'm hellarich, ridin' while i text your b_tch
Tell her she's my favorite, let her s_ck me out
She like vanilla berry flavor d_ck
Jiggolo I'm heaven sent, n_ggaz hate to use it

(Chorus 2x)

Verse 2
Man I'm on the scene with a polo and jeans that's so clean
You should see the way your b_tch neck lean when I'm gleamin'
N_ggaz say they fly but they don't understand the meanin'
Suave House, we been here we not leavin'
Jiggolo I'm cool but look see these heathens
That bust a n_gga head on sight no more breathin'
Just give them a reason to click and then clack
Don't try em they been to jail and they dyin' to go back
You ain't 737 cause you got a lil' beamer
Pockets on beast buy you earn a lil' leaner
Man up a squad pimp you better get your team up
Flood you like Katrina, you gonna need FEMA
A great imagination but an even better dreamer
To think you try to see us, it's best you try to be us
To go to war you'll probably need Jesus
Please believe us we will not ease up

(Chorus 2x)

Verse 3
See I used to be modest about it but they doubters
So I put it in their face and let them see that i'm about it
You wanna shine like me but your cues too clouded
These VVS's got my charms so crowded
If you could only see all this money that I've counted
Came a long way from pushin' carts in Thomas County
Now they crowd around me, tell me I'm that new n_gga
From Phoenix to Mississippi, I'm down to talent n_gga
No need for a hint of febreeze
my feces is so easy on the nose, it's like berry and roses
For those of you that's slow, my sh_t got no odor
Flip her like yoga, f_ck her and then show her
To the door cause, I'm on a dough hunt
I'm runnin' circles bout this paper call me dough nuts
And this is no luck, I'm in the fore front
Cuz I'm the sh_t, f_ckin' dirty roll the dro up

(Chorus til Close)

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