Another One - Rick Ross

Diddy: Ayo, turn out all the lights in the club. Grab your b_tch, n_gga. We here
Rick Ross: We talking about new money, n_gga. What you know about it?
Diddy: Rozay! Turn me up real loud. I want these n_ggas to hear me. Bugatti Boyz. Puff Daddy. Maybach Music, this Bad Boy, b_tch

You n_ggas paranoid
I party getting money
I know I'm the sh_t: my janitor be getting money
I got a skyscraper, it's a hell of a view
Got me closer to God, angel wings on my coupe
Pray for me, damn I grind everyday for it
If you see me riding in it, means I paid for it
Bugatti Boyz 1.8 fours
I got money baby I could order 8 more
F_ck the Forbes list lets tell the truth I ate more
I got a billion baby time to get 8 more
12 bedrooms, time to get 8 more
Stack up all the cases of Ciroc up on the 8th floor

[Hook - Rick Ross] (Diddy in brackets)
Got a hundred million
(its time to get another one)
How this Bugatti feel
(I may need me another one)
5 bad b_tches
(just got me another one)
P. Diddy run the city
(never be another one)
5 mill cash
(and I need another one)
Rocking a different Rollie
(no this not the other one)
Stacking a number getting money
(n_gga number one)
Real n_ggas run the city
(never be another one)

These haters speculate
They always watching mine
She know what time it is
Just like my watch line
My clothes line
The cologne b_tch
I know you smell this money sitting on this throne b_tch
I'm strong b_tch
I own sh_t
Gave myself a ten digit bonus
I'm the money man, never financed
Go get this money baby, with yo fine ass
If ya n_gga broke it's time to get another one
If you b_tch is tripping time to get another one
I'm Puff Daddy b_tch there'll never be another one
Bugatti Boyz forever one


[Rick Ross]
I feelin' the money
I'm lovin' the paper
N_gga hate in the 'hood
Took his ho to Jamaica
If I let down the top
Let the breeze in my beard
VIP is the spot, they playing musical chairs
My Columbian the man, holla, "Beam me up shawty"
Got that money in the bag that can hold a f_cking body
1.5 for this brand new black Bugatti
Jewels like I'm Slick Rick
Bally shoes ladi-dadi
I'm feeling myself, b_tch you do the same
F_ck what I spend at the bar
You should see how I came
Keep my b_tch at her best
With one foot in the trap
If I bust at your chest I bet that's a wrap
(take that)

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