Ashes to Ashes - Rick Ross

Smoking and ride
And I ain't trying to hide it
We will get high tonight
Cause I am hooked on a feeling (ah ah ah aaaah)
Yeah I am hooked on a feeling
It's nothing but the best straw last drop
Make you feel like you can fly
Do you do you do you
Do you wanna fly tonight?

[Verse 1:]
Opa-laka airport talking G6
It's me baby girl straight G sh_t
No disrespect but really you ain't see sh_t
To your 40.000 feet with a weekend
I once got a chance to f_ck a stewardess
Hit her from the back fly over New Orleans
She was gorgeous name was Dolorous
Father was a lawyer mother was a florist
Rose petals turned into YSL
So, ghetto but she turned me into jama shell
Bad b_tch I am talking up in town
Couple nigger she always f_cked around
But the bond that we share nothing would compare
When I bought my first beamer I swear that b_tch was there
Side on the line say boy a couple stacks
Down payment and even all cover the tax


[Verse 2:]
It's all or nothing not to kill n_ggaz
It's a full time job not to kill n_ggaz
My bones so bless all the real n_ggaz
So, many houses stress fo' real n_ggaz
I was on when my haters turned to ashes
dead N gone, with her passion
Am I wrong? Never kissed no assses
With and one is the reason we run the streets and take care of your home
N n_ggaz betta put tee's first
Bad karma layer niggers put me on work
F_ck harvard N voulenteers that wanna appear first
Old charges, shorty she want it her titties done
With a certain doctor
New apartment in the innercity,smokin out
I'm gonna atlest gonna atlest smoke an ounze
I left this sh_t, n_ggaz not affraid to tell
Come and work for the boss,You know I am paying well


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