Drug Dealers Dream - Rick Ross

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[Rick Ross]
This on everything I love
I done came too far to look back
Lord protect my soul, you heard me?

[Verse 1]
Mighty Muhammad, son of Osama
Son of a b_tch, one time for my momma
Tats on my back, tats on my face
B_tch I'm a don, can you relate?
It's never too late, my n_ggas, relate
Never would say, my n_ggas is saints
Know I'm a sinner, God give me my sentence
Labelled a hustler, look at my Benz
One time for Black, n_gga, one time for Nut, n_gga
One time for Gucci, n_gga, one time for Cano, n_gga
One time for Bizzle, n_gga, these my realest n_ggas
One time for Trav, n_gga, and all them dope dealers

Murder, a mothaf_ckin' murder
No you didn't see it but I know you b_tches heard it
Blood on the corner, damn I miss my dawg
I'm just thinkin' 'bout his daughter, in another life he ballin'

[Verse 2]
Is this a drug dealers dream?
Cause all I ever see is n_ggas dyin' from disease
Mansion on the water, home in the hills
Let the Fed tell it, it really isn't his
Photograph our endeavors, plottin' potential set-ups
See me as a promotion, tax charges, etcetera
Confiscated the whips, concentratin' on flips
Contemplatin' the trip, congregatin' for bricks
Lord knows I'm a sinner, it was cold in the winter
Eatin' out of the trash, sh_t would make you a killer
Lord forgive these b_tches, gettin' their money strippin'
Chasin' this fast money, next time we'll do it different
Shoutout to KOD, shoutout to Onyx
Shoutout to MMG, cause we the hottest


[Verse 3]
Aggravated with hoes, distracted all of my foes
N_ggas want to be friends, we just takin' control
N_gga vision the clearest, I get shooters on clearance
Barely fit in a Lambo but did it for the appearance
I seen a rich n_gga go to jail
He put Wi Fi in his cell
Middle of the night, my n_gga wanna Skype
I just count money for him, that sh_t just get him hype
They say it's hard to smile with a double life
In the middle of the night with a bloody knife
Lord give him a chance, every man should be free
He wanted him a degree but got him a ki
Open that door, just hopin' for more
They gave him a bond, I gave him a Porsche
I gave him a name, I gave him a shot
I gave him the game, I gave him a block
Smokin' on that gas, I be thinkin' too fast
Drug dealer's dream, now let's count this cash
Dope boy tatted on my neck
A real dope boy, I never write a check


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