Headache - Rick Ross feat French Montana

[Intro - French Montana:]

[Hook - French Montana:]:
Small talk, give me a headache
F_ck boys, give me a headache
Fake b_tches, give me a headache
Little money, give me a headache
All them fake jewels give me a headache
B_tch fake bag, give me a headache
Hating n_ggas give me a headache
Hating b_tches give me a headache
Vaca where you n_ggas aren't
100 chains, I'm cold blooded
Land on your head n_gga, no luggage

[Verse 1 - Rick Ross:]
It get hot up in the streets, We always cooking beef
Why are you telling on the gang, could of took a plea
Young shooters we recruiting like we Booker T
Hit em in the club so he went and took a seat
N_gga leaking like a album week before release
Use to run the world, now he barely on his feet
Ski mask in the suite, sticks in the uber
Tailgating on the streets, bricks in the cooler
Getting money, never cared that LeBron left
Cause I thought that getting wealthy was the concept
I just want to be the richest, they say I'm the nicest
Money team 1990, I'm Michael Tyson
Get your money IRS, give me a headache
Every record that them n_ggas make, give me a headache
Arizona weed, give me a headache
B_tches lying on me, give me a headache

[Hook - French Montana]

[Verse 2 - Rick Ross:]
Valet at the spot, they put my name on it
F_ck her like a beat, you know I came on it
Root got a league, I make it rain on it
I kill for your prayer, do the same on it
Wood seats at the game, they call it Ricky row
She dancin' on my d_ck until she tippy-toe
Pullin' on them pistols till they tapping out
Tink, tink, tink, tink, tink
Blue denim jeans, black bite jacket
Propofol, a n_gga had a mic habit
Lean to the left, lean to the right
[?] get you buried on sight
Weak links in the [?], give me a headache
We never get em cause we hit em double MOB
Hood Billionaire but a bird on it
Be a man, know your word, now you worth somethin'

[Hook - French Montana]

[Verse 3 - French Montana:]
All that [?] give me a headache
My baby momma give me a headache
Lookin' through this fog give me a headache
Talkin' to ya shawn give me a headache
Wake up in the morn' with a headache
Mixin' white and brown give me a headache
Crisin' like the fashion week in Milan
Only my f_ck Lebanese from Labilon

[Hook - French Montana]

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