Here I Am - Rick Ross feat Nelly, Avery Storm

I got a bunch of dollars
I can spend them on her
Cause she can be my lady,
She can be my lover
Call me on the late night,
Get right, he ain't actin' right
Every super woman needs a super man
Here I am

[Verse 1, Rick Ross]
Sight seeing we might be in
The Codra port or that new white BM
Home from FAMU with a gorgeous face,
Next semester she transfer to Florida State
Cooking like home-etch for financial aid.
I highly doubt she has problems with financial aid.
Remember mean time my finance is straight
I even open up the doors to the panantial states (Boss)
She used to fight with her moms,
Till I sat em both down
Now she's tight with her moms (What?)
Yeah I put the ice on her arm,
Now she know she getting sliced
Spending nights in Milan (Yeah)
We still blow weed together,
Cheated on her but we still gone be together
With the house on the water hit the beach whenever
She's from the north
And still can't believe their weather (Boss)


[Verse 2, Nelly]
Hear I am and here I go
Why you looking for that other
When you got the best?
The previous was a test for ya,
Now you in the big leagues
A black Sine brother
Who wouldn't wanna play for me?
Ya last man was a chump
And you can tell him I said it
He was talking a lot at first,
But you can see that he did it
You can see I ain't sweat it,
Hell I'll even call him myself
And tell him I did it (Naw)
Please don't confuse me miss
Im tryna see if I could put you on my Christmas list
I hope you aint offended by this
But I think your ass fine as sh_t
And that's straight up real talk,
All bullsh_t aside she replied
"I like to do that wild thang."
Action took place at my place
Now my place is her place


[Verse 3, Rick Ross]
Mo better, mo cheddar
Knock the man off your clothes last sweater (What?)
Hoe getta gorilla, f_ck chuffers,
I went and got mo killa's (Boss)
I rock with N_ggas like Fabolous
Cuz he tell the truth baby like Fabolous
But you make it look glamorous
Here's spaghetti strapped heals not for amateurs
Risk quite rocky, talk like foxy, job like roxy,
Spark that broccoli
Walk quite aky
Let me sexy
I will save you if you let me.
Fly with me, get high as me
I love the alphabet girl I'm a G
Time will tell, Rolex watches
We show stoppas, hoes just watchin


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