I'm Bad - Rick Ross

Im Bad (im bad) Im Back (im back), Im Mad (im mad) Im strapped (im strapped)
N_gga What You Want N_gga who you wit
Came wit my dogs leavin wit a b_tch
Im bad (im bad) im back (im back), im mad (im mad) im strapped (im strapped)
N_gga what you want n_gga who you wit
Came Wit my dogs leavin wit a b_tch

[Verse 1:]
Aint no limit to the sh_t I start
Automatic start on that big white car. Pearl pink jar n_gga you cant rob. 4 chains and a watch pocket full of knots. Spots, Imma get my stacks. This crack comin back like that income tax. Told you once he told you twice. You need more than a knife You wanna rock that ice. Im bad, magazines up the ass. stolen yellow cab come squeeze on yo ass. He a flash, all black mask. Rappin ass n_gga talkin all that jazz. Ride up on him show him how we get down. 100 rounds in his crown b_tt naked and he pound. Tell the truth that n_gga be rippin, aint it man. just got a Chevy and I got my sh_t painted man.


[Verse 2:]
Used to be on the corner, on marijuana. Now its marijuana from california. Big buds, b_tches wit big b_tts. Big BMW's home of the d_ck s_cks. My Bob Marley is bumpin like b_tch what. My money bumper to bumper now b_tch what. Im bad im back. im mad im strapped.
N_gga what you want n_gga who you wit. Came wit my dog leavin wit a b_tch. i dont see no n_gga when im on the grind, all i see is hoe n_ggas when im on the grind. 45 no n_gga, kno im holdin mine. Imma knock his ass down if its own his mind. Tell the truth that n_gga be rippin aint it man, just got a Benz and I got my sh_t painted man.


B for the bullets in n_ggas who gotta die. A for the addicts and junkies who gettin high. D for the dope distributed at the dock. Still on the block clock no socks.
B for the bass b_tch I gotta boom. A for the ass in my hotel room. D for the d_ck, d_ck that I slang. Since money talk, im addicted to my slang. B for the bang. A for the K. D ditch the car for the smooth get away. Im bad, i poke yo ass in the nose wit a cold 44 now he cold on the floor. layin on his back like he posed for a hoe, when you actin like a b_tch gotta go gotta go. Tell the truth that n_gga be rippin aint it man. Just got a hummer and i got my sh_t painted man.


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