Ice Cold - Rick Ross feat Omarion

[Verse 1]
She fell in love with a dope boy
Black diamonds on the neck of that dope boy
Big by the Benz for that dope boy
Love every tattoo on that dope boy
She shares tears for that dope boy
Sh_t, it is what it is for that dope boy
Handle minor biz for that dope boy
But the reward is major, so on and so forth
She can tell you by the greyhound
She can show you how to stay down
I can tell you 'bout to break down
VS1's all in my b_tch, watch face now?
Straight G's for your low esteem
8 P's for the whole team
As I run away from my obituary
Walking in the sh_t, that'll get you buried
Miami's mine like I'm Pat Riley
Baselines shoot at n_ggas, act wisely
Get the picture, n_ggas getting richer now
Living next to b_tches, out on Fisher Isle
Down from Oprah, Don King, and Sosa
Come to the coca, callate la boca
They let sh_t slide when my n_gga won't
Remember God forgives and them triggers don't

[Hook: Omarion]
Aw baby this is how it goes
Can't feel it but I know you know
Cause I keep it on the outside [?]
And I keep it on the outside [?]
And I'm reapin' just what I sew
My heart's beating but it still stay froze
And y'all waiting on the inside for me girl
And y'all waiting on the inside, arms wide open
Arms wide open

[Verse 2]
She fell in love with the lifestyle
Paper tag now her neck all iced out
Lear jets to the fights now
Belagio crap table with the dice out
Floor seats at the Heat game
Her bag 20 grand, n_gga, peep game
South beach making love on the rooftop
F_cking to the rhythm, got her singing like she Jill Scott
I'm just a n_gga with a attitude
Earning revenue through different avenues
One of my soldiers died in Attica
Anything other than a ride is out of character
Top down and it feels right
I could tell you what a dope boy feels like
I could tell you that he never sleeps
He may smile but it's never sweet
Swisha burning at his fingertips
Tears on the inside but they never drip
God forgives and the courts don't
Sneaking an appeal when the courts won't


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