Keys to The Crib - Rick Ross feat Styles P

[Hook: Rick Ross]
I got them ki's in the crib
You wouldn't find them if you had the keys to the crib
Them n_ggas cheesing, it's real
It ain't cheese if it's less than a mil'
I think I'm losing my religion
Praying on these n_ggas, wrap a kilo in a ribbon
Live every day like it's my last
My only trending topic is the cash

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
I see no n_gga in these clear Gazelles
B_tch-ass n_gga, better get some mail
I'm riding in a 6 like this b_tch for sale
That boy Meek Mill squeeze clips for real
See me in the street, rose-gold everything
Moving like hoes got me plotting on your team
Learning your whereabouts, burners to air 'em out
B_tches a motion picture, I'm picturing Paramount
Riding in the Lotus, Teflon Don
With an ambitious b_tch, lotus flower bomb
Wale on burn, young n_gga's doing numbers
Double M G got it the next ten summers
I'm trying to do it big forever
Keys to the crib, and I'm with whatever
Ki's to the crib, n_gga, bricks wherever
Hundred mil' plus til we rich forever


[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
I see no n_gga in these red Gazelles
All I see is women with these massive tails
All I see is young'uns with this trash to sell
They got some CO's that get you hash in jail
Little dope, little coke, talking cash for real
Funeral's never cool, n_gga, pass the steel
I'm a guru in the kitchen, whipping mass appeal
Boobie got a life sentence on his last appeal
That's one of few names that'll last for real
Got me drinking from the bottom, no glasses filled
Always purple in the cup, n_gga, pass the pills
I'm the first one here to f_ck, snatch your ass for real
Keys to the crib, boys, keys to the V
If you at the table, then you eat what I eat
Breathe what I breathe, drink what I drink
Smoke what I smoke and we still mink for mink


[Verse 3: Styles P]
Ki's in the crib, you want keys to the crib
I got work from Argentina and Belize in the crib
Homie holding a nina, could sneeze him a brick
Knee-deep in the c_caine, trees in the six
Biggie on the stereo, seven-digit flips
This is the scenario - something go wrong, it's a burial
Hit the hood, watch it go around like a merry-go
White seats, new M5, all cherry though
Heard you at Aces, Courvoisier, toasting the n_ggas that beat cases
Knowing your connect on a name-to-name basis
Eating with your fam on a day-to-day basis
Weight sh_t, get the big house and the spaceship
Team of lawyer n_ggas
That'll f_cking boil n_ggas for a chain or a bracelet
N_gga, you know I'm living fly
For the love of the game, I put a ribbon on the pie


[Outro: Rick Ross talking]
If I'm rich now, is it too much to pray to be rich forever?
Forgive me Lord! Forgive me
My next move; God Forgives, I Don't
I think you'll love it
Rich Forever!

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