Last Breath - Rick Ross feat Birdman and Meek Mill

[Intro: Rick Ross]
N_gga, long as you livin' how you wanna live
N_ggas gon' talk about you
And that's completely fine with me (Believe that, n_gga)
N_ggas only salute n_ggas that's dead, and n_ggas in prison (Living legends)
I wanna ball though

[Hook: Rick Ross]
I'm ballin' til my very last breath
I'm ballin' til my very last breath
Just bought me a yacht, Waikiki or not
Still sippin' that syrup, might front you a block
I'm ballin' til my very last breath
I'm ballin' til my very last breath
Just bought me a Benz, just bought me a Rolls
I pay for that p_ssy, I go shopping for hoes

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
I got a house on my neck, my Panamera my pet
We bought ringside seats, and got a brick I can pet
Money, power respect, I took your b_tch with finesse
Chickens jumping like checkers, but this game is chess
What's at stake is your freedom, n_ggas paying the price
When the judge drop the mallet, all he said was life
N_gga damn near fainted, barely stare at your wife
Brother took all your clothes, whip, sneakers, and ice
Got me holding my nuts, while I'm rolling the dice
760 new Beamer, got me rolling in white
Very few that you trust, better keep in your sight
Thinking I'm doing wrong, when these n_ggas ain't right


[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
I just scooped me a BM
And bought me a Rolls
When I pulled up on n_ggas, I swear they thought I was Hov
All my mixtapes platinum, n_ggas thought I was gold
I heard them s_ckas was hatin', I'm f_cking all of they hoes
So I don't blame 'em, no I don't knock 'em
But if they play my dogs, we slay 'em, I'm talkin' pop 'em
Want some attention, hall-of-fame 'em, they talkin' bout us
Acting like b_tches 'til we spray 'em, get the coffin out ya
We all about it, ahhhhh
I'm ballin' till my very last breath
I hustle like I'm on my last cheque
And I ain't even in my bag yet
I wake up in the morning, where the cash at, GO!


[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
All I see is this money, never hate with your n_ggas
Better pray to your maker, before you war with the sinner
Ask forgiveness for mine, so I know that I'm good
All them n_ggas we robbed, trips T man took
Talkin' panhandle pimpin, n_ggas Chevy was lemon
N_gga dressing in linen, bases loaded first inning
Taking over the checks, relocating the tenants
Pulling open your vest, motivation is spinach
I gotta handle my business, I pay my mortgages first
When you cross a super-soaker I bet your water get burst
Ain't no love on this side, just jealous n_ggas who ride
Until the day that you die, just hold your head to the sky

[Verse 4: Birdman]
Ballin' till my last breath
Uptown, flashy life with my Smith & Wess
Hallways, choppa boys everyday
Spend your bank full of hundred B's in your face
My lil nephew was a born killa
Real n_gga on the field, killa kill n_gga
'Til I showed him how to cook a bird
Killa n_gga n_gga only if I finna work
Matches up in every town
Puttin' it down, hold it down for my f_ckin' rounds
All day gunplay, everyday rocked out n_gga in every way


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