Maybach Music 2 - Rick Ross feat T-Pain, Kanye West, Lil Wayne

-T Pain- chorus
Realest sh_t i ever wrote chillin in my maybach whatever i sing now homie im a maybach can you believe that? whoOo you gotta see it heyyy i dont plannin on going broke put that on my maybach cause how minuthes of win? ya ni**as cant take that listen to my maybach music to my maybach music

martin louie the king junior stuntin all that stuntin is gonna ruin ya B.I was alive he probably have a two tone with the great poop on anything yay poop on we'll explode cause i am the sh_t and this is my kamol oh oh that it go
talking about how ya boy clothes extra tight i just remember that my lime like extra bright i hit the strip club and girls get extra hype you hit the strip club and girls get extra dyke we know who not gettin no sex tonight and a lap dance that probably be a blessin right so all the sh_t you talkin damn coffin i like the weed coffin new crib
where is that? austin
where is that? texas
what's infront?benzes
what else? lexus
but who's maybach is that?
Mr. West's


-Rick Ross-
kush my life controlium
grab me castalennos
shades in all shades
B's made of rolidium
use to be the O smoke
hoe's call it ho low
now i got so many horses b_tches call me polo
fifty-seven sixty-two
tell me how you wanna move
yeah you know i got them both
beat ya ass black and blue
i've barely gettin pretty woman
now i scoop any winners
like kiddy leader
and winner fended denim like a slindin ni**er
lookin in the mirror i can see the real contender
sellin ?refihi been gregri? im on my dinner
so what the f_ck is yiu tellin me other than your gender
im a boss and im ridin like a small vogue
ni**er make your wheels and ride until they fall off
yeah ross


-Lil Wayne-
well alright
all black maybach
im sittin in the asshole
classy as a mother
gutter like a bad ball
benjamin franklin on ex on that cash raw
that's right them mills do like them clothes
i eat your meal too
we dont feel you
and we been strappin up like the navy sil do
sweet as banana split
evrytime i pill through
fresh than will smith
ah on kafit too
watching T.V in the maybach in traffic
im on my feet like though actin ten actin?
im runnin this sh_t you sould try tucklin
lil wayne in one word-imakililn
you see the Big'you see the Jay'the 2pac in him and kourt cobain and andre 3 stacks
and then im back to doin sh_t like i do sing maybach music
(yeah,young mullah)


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