Neighborhood Drug Dealer - Rick Ross

Ay, this sh_t not to be played with around here
Come through here your ass will get it
My n_gga, I've been waiting to holla at you my n_gga
This sh_t crazy out here boy, don't nobody got nothing out here boy
Yeah n_gga, I'm telling you n_gga, you the hood billionaire n_gga
I'm talking about you boy, this sh_t where they believe in my n_gga

Uh, I'm your neighborhood drug dealer
Its your neighborhood drug dealer
Uh, its your neighborhood drug dealer
I'm your neighborhood drug dealer
Neighborhood drug dealer
Its your neighborhood drug dealer
One, two, what it be?
Michael Jordan, white, b_tch, 23

[Verse 1:]
Bet you hear my pipes rev when I tip the scale
Rich forever, still a muscle and it never fails
You a house n_gga so they let you get the mail
We in the back whippin' egg whites and crackin' shells
Robin jeans for my team, pocket for the sale
P_ssy n_ggas gossip pray you die from gonorrhea
Al Capone where I'm from that Benzo bullet proof
Neighborhood dope boy you can get it too
F_ck them p_ssy n_ggas catch they ass at Smoothie Kings
Hundred missed calls after that new toolie rings
Skip South Beach b_tch bring it to the ridge
For that change, put that thing right up to your ribs


[Verse 2:]
Chevy SS, she heard I bump fire
Got row houses up and down through Pembroke Pines
Say the streets count, I say its bout time
Bail [?] on my mama been about mine
Still pay my child support, in all trap money
All 5's and 10's, can't touch my rap money
She won't f_ck with me, I'm hatin', yeah I'm p_ssy stank
Meet your amigo mama then you crack the piggie bank
Dope boy dream, never lose it all
Montgomery Alabama know we love the send 'em soft
Baton Rouge's a Actavis and act a fool
Neighborhood dope boy you should hit me too


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