New Bugatti - Rick Ross feat Diddy

[Verse 1: Diddy]
You n_ggas paranoid, I party, getting money
I know I'm the sh_t, my janitor be getting money
I got a skyscraper, it's a hell of a view
Got me closer to God, angel wings on my coupe
Pray for me; damn, I grind every day for it
If you see me riding in it, it means I paid for it
Bugatti Boy, one point eight four
I got money, baby - I could order eight more
F_ck the Forbes list; let's tell the truth, I ate more
I got a billion, baby - time to get me eight more
Twelve bedrooms, time to get me eight more
Stack all the cases of Ciroc up on the eighth floor

[Hook: Rick Ross and (Diddy)]
Got a hundred mil'
(It's time to get another one)
How this Bugatti feel?
(I may need me another one)
Five bad b_tches
(Just got me another one)
P. Diddy run the city
(Never be another one)

Five mil' cash
(And I need another one)
Rocking a different Rollie
(No, it's not the other one)
Second to none at getting money
(N_gga, number one)
Real n_ggas run the city
(Never be another one)

[Verse 2: Diddy]
These haters speculate
They always watching mine
She know what time it is
Just like my watch line
My clothes line
The cologne, b_tch
I know you smell this money, sitting on this throne, b_tch
I'm strong, b_tch
I own sh_t
Gave myself a ten-digit bonus
I'm the money man
Money never financed
Come get this money, baby
With your fine ass

If your n_gga broke, it's time to get another one
If your b_tch is tripping, time to get another one
I'm Puff Daddy, b_tch - there'll never be another one
Bugatti Boys forever one


[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
I'm feeling the money
I'm loving the paper
N_gga hating the hood
Took his ho to Jamaica
If I let down the top
Let the breeze in my beard
V.I.P. is the spot
They playing musical chairs
My Colombian the man, all the beam-me-up shorty
Got that money in the bag that can hold a f_cking body in
One point five for this brand new black Bugatti
Jewels like I'm Slick Rick, Bally shoes, la di da di
Feeling myself; b_tch, you do the same
F_ck what I spend at the bar, you should see how I came
My b_tch had a vest, with one foot in the trap
If I bust at your chest, I bet that's a wrap


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