Pots and Pans - Rick Ross feat J Rock

All I need is bakin soda some pots and pans
Little ice up what i can
Chick at home sayin I'm no good
When the f_ck am i gon' get her out the hood

[Verse 1:]
What started as a nickel rock
Took 22 months now I'm tryna get a block
F_ck football I'm goin down another path
Couldn't past the test
To tell the truth I couldn't f_ck with math
did get a shcolarship, but I blew that
Got high, got a ticket and I flew back
To the hell zone mo' straps than 20 shell toes
Get life on yo cell phone
Quarter key box of soda Ross whip that
Career criminal fa' sho' Ross with that
Had to pull my pants up
Boy get them brands up
Daddy got some cancer I never had the chance to
Tell him all my plans to let em' f_ck a danca
Smokin weed and AmsterDam with his grandson
(Damn) Why he passed on me(on me)
My last homie(homie)
I went and bought a bird
F_ck I want some cash homie


[Verse 2:]
I never rode a n_gga coat tail
Mayor took a dope sell
F_ck it n_gga oh well
Smokin on that classified
Rollin in that lac' of mine
You know my mind state numb to the world half the time
Thinkin bout rand rover damn that was f_cked up
Found him in the trunk with another dude f_cked up
The world f_cked up that's why I'm f_cked up
Don't get f_cked up f_ck with me ya f_cked up
B_tch I'ma ride, b_tch I'ma die
When I holla 305 b_tch that's on my life
Got a 40 in the car a choppa in the crib
The grenades down the street you gotta get it how you live
I know n_ggas turn 1 into 2 and they do what they do
And boy them thangs move
Fishscale get the big mail
In the room full of work
Taste the cane when ya inhale


[Verse 3:]
It's time for me to cash in laughin
Like Martin in an Aston Martin
When I park it I can see ya b_tch heartbeat
So roll out the red carpet
roll up the purple sh_t
Black navigator flow
Gotta shut ya f_ckin mouth don't irratate the smoke
Thinkin of a greater way to build a greater flow
I hope she got some great head that's how I grade a hoe
White beamer in the hood shining like a star
flip this half a key go to the club and I'ma buy the bar
Do it twice a week f_ckin b_tches on the other nights
Promise E class we'll never miss another fight
Hundred in the bag 5 birds I'ma grab
Turn em' into 8 keep me a clean half
Bakin soda in the work, works wonderful
Ya see ya dream come true
This i promise you!!


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