Quintessential - Rick Ross feat Snoop Dogg

[Verse 1 - Rick Ross:]
My paint wet, my b_tch bad
Straight mastermind, yo' rich ass
My cup full, full of that pink sh_t
So shut your f_ckin' mouth, f_ck all that weak sh_t
This MMG sh_t, MMG sh_t
She f_ck my whole squad, she MMG b_tch
Just got that G-Wagon, I'm just so innovative
We came for the money bags, so f_ck your invitations
This calls for a celebration, Bel-Air celebration
60 hoes in the basement, n_gga covered all the bases
Jabbar gave me a quarter, I sold it on the 1st
I took it to my mama, "here go get what you deserve"
Mob ties, Genovese
Money trains, centerpiece
We started at the bottom, until I got a bird
I pull that p_ssy card, that was all ya heard
Haan, haan, haan

[Hook - Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross:]
My whole life been based on that pimp sh_t
No movie, just money, real pimp sh_t
More cities, more b_tches, real slick sh_t
My Maybach it matches my outfit
That pimp sh_t

[Verse 2 - Snoop Dogg:]
Keeping my tool, this sh_t so cool
Rule number one, ain't no rule
Swallow my lines, follow my grind
Rich white b_tch with a bottle of whine
Word to the wise, word to mine
Bird a fly, certified, murder eye, dirty die
Never had black but she heard of my
D O Dub, I done it all, 20 years I bang a ball
91 I had a Lexus n_gga
Ate seafood for breakfast n_gga
Caught a few cases in Texas n_gga
Do kushups 'til my chest get bigger
I press a n_gga 'til I get it all
Real sh_t b_tch I really do ball
I am the west to y'all
Taught y'all how to invest in ball
Best of all, took it on a chest for y'all
That's why I get more than the rest of y'all
It's bad enough I entertain
Add it up, gangbang
Gat 'em up, slang cane
Bag it up, same thang


[Outro - Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross:]
Titty one, titty two
See these are essentials, essentially speaking quintessentials
I bang it all, I dust it all, I smoke with all my dawgs
I bang it all, I dust it all, I smoke with all my dawgs
My paint wet, my feet chrome
F_ck boys hey, but they sing along
The real n_ggas admire
Success makes you inspire
N_gga came from the jets, I just hired a pilot
B_tches feeding me fruit

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