Thug Cry - Rick Ross feat Lil Wayne

I just wanna be the one
I just wanna be the one you love
I just wanna be the one you run to when you're down
I just wanna, I just wanna fly

Ima show you tonight
That Ima put it on you baby
Take you past the sky...

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Wake up in the world and I'm just another n_gga
Call it public housing when you next door to the killers
On them corners it gets better as you go
Grind that motherf_cker 'till it's yellow brick road
Free as a bird, spoken word in my verse
On my knees praying, n_ggas shooting in the church
Wake up out my sleep in another cold sweat
I lived on Billboard, where the f_ck to go next?
Go against the odds, youngin' go and get a job
Another country boy they want back on the farm
So far from my goals but I'm close to my kids
Gon' cry for Mac Dre throwing up the Thizz

[Hook: Sample]

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Well let me light one for my problems
Smoking on that loud, pumping up that volume
Get it cracking like an eggshell in this motherf_cker make omelettes
Get a bad b_tch that posts up like comments
They don't know what I been through, don't know what I'm going through
As long as I get through that's what I look forward to
Richer than a b_tch but still I can't afford to
Let these n_ggas play with me need to be remorseful
I swear I got that silencer on that Mac 9 and I kill these n_ggas with silence
My head stay in the clouds, I really feel like a giant
Can't trust none of these n_ggas, I murk one of these n_ggas
Then bury one of these n_ggas, still got dirt under my fingers, that
Ain't a threat that's fact cause they coming at my neck like the best a man can get
To make a long story short I need a shoulder because the devil on one
The other one I'm looking over


[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
N_ggas hating like it's Salt Lake City
No tints on that pretty ass Bentley
Want you to know that them comments don't offend me
Cause your baby mama so friendly
I proceed with the plan, weed in my hand
Ciroc in my cup, quick pic for a fan
Money over b_tch, first n_gga [?]
Double M, we handle business
Cause them n_ggas getting raped
Go get the yellow tape, it's well orchestrated
200 acres estates, a young n_gga made it
Came from the hood, ain't nothing changed
Still lemon pepper on my motherf_cking wings


[Outro: Rick Ross]
Sometimes I ask myself, do thugs cry?

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