What Goes Around Real Remix - Rick Ross feat Pitbull

Rick Ross:
I met her like a month ago south beach bungalow
We rollin in dat white thang
Im rolling up one of those
She lookin like my wife thang
Boy I need one of those
Gurl its not a slice thang ask about me, money loss
My heart in the trap got my money on my mind
But when I got you in my lap
We far be from killing time
And they say that opposites attract
but we both on our grind
I love to touch you from the back

This is ah this goes out to every couple in the world
that goes thru the same thing which is called cheatin
I'ma tell u mami like I tell the judge I don't know nuthin about nuthin nowhere haha
Mami u know u the only one I can't control what they talk about
YOu listen to the he say she say might as well pack my sh_t start walkin out
You know they blood boil when ever they see us together
I'm not sayin I'm an angel but damn I thought u knew me better
Why u listenin to these foot draggin hood rats loose tongue havin with chicken head habits b_tches
At the end of the day they wish they was u ain't no tellin what these b_tches'll do u know it's the truth
If u know so much then where is the proof?

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