Guenevere - Rick Springfield

We had a game
I called her Guenevere
And she would always call me Galahad
She was my queen
I was her king
My Guenevere

The days were warm
The nights were sweet
I didn't care
If something troubled me
My Geuenevere
You left me
Now I failed Guenevere

Guenevere come back to Camelot
Galahad is waiting
Guenevere come back to Camelot
Watch the morning breaking


The city streets
No longer are
The English countryside
They used to be

My armor rusts
My sword is waiting
For Guenevere
Where are you?


All the songs
I used to sing
I long to sing
For you
Said in my letter
Write me soon

I'm waiting here
My lady

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