Spanish Eyes - Ricky Martin

I Met A Girl At The Carnival
In Rio De Janeiro
We Danced All Night On The Boulevard
In Doorways We Did The Tango

I Miss Her Lips
And The Way She Sashayed Her Hips
As She Shook Her Shoulders
I Miss The Smell Of Her Hair
I Don't Care If It Takes My Whole Life To Find Her

We Were Dancing In The Summer Rain
We Were Dancing Through The Night
She Never Said Her Real Name
So I Called Her Spanish Eyes
Spanish Eyes

The Sun Came Up
And The Girl Was Gone
Her Masquerade Was Over
I Searched The Streets Drunk With Love
But No One Seemed To Know Her

I Miss The Touch
Of Her Body So Much
I Long For The Warmth Inside Her
Somewhere In Time She Will Come Back To Me
And I'll Spend My Whole Life Beside Her

Repeat Chorus

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