You Stay With Me - Ricky Martin

Met You Underneath The Moon
Night Was Over Much Too Soon
We Shared A Kiss Till Daylight Came
And Kissed The Night Goodbye
When The Sun Came Up That Day
We Smiled And Went Our
Separate Ways
But I Can't Leave The Thought Of
You Behind

Oh You Stay With Me
You Stay With Me
Oh In My Heart
And On My Mind
Oh Like A Melody That Keeps Haunting Me
Oh You Stay

I Look Inside The Small Cafes
And Hope By Chance I'll See Your Face
I Hear Your Voice And Realize
It's Just The Summer Wind
Something In Your Eyes That Night
Swept Away This Heart Of Mine
Now I Just Want You In My Arms Again

Oh You Stay With Me

How Was I To Know In That One Night
My Whole Life Would Change
From The Moment I Looked In Your Eyes
I've Never Been The Same
And If I Could Have One Chance To Have That
Moment Back Again
I'd Never Let It End
I'd Never Let It End

Met You Underneath The Moon

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