Never Done It Sober - Riley Green

Pardon me, what is your name again?
Better yet, what is mine?
Here I go, feelin' this pain again
'Cause the liquor done wore off since last night
This ole hotel room, it just don't feel like home
And from the looks of things, I don't wanna know what went on
Opened the door and the sun poured in
I threw my shirt over my shoulders
Whatever I did last night, I would've never done it sober

Officer I apologize, for driving so fast
You'd have thought I'd learn my lesson by now
I know this ain't the first time we crossed paths
Last time you took me downtown
And I know you've let me off, a time or two before
I was hoping that you might help me out one more
Yes, I understand my rights
But I don't know why you pulled me over
Whatever it was I did, I would've never done it sober

Whether beers or pills, for kicks or thrills
There's no one else to blame
I'm doin' all I can do, to ruin my good name
Baby it's me, and I know its late
We both agreed that we wouldn't call
Just wanted to let you know things ain't goin' so great
Didn't mean the things I said at all
Should've said something then, instead of watching you pack
All I can do is pray that you might take me back
Lord, help her forgive me for the side of me I showed her
God only knows, I would've never done it sober

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