Everchanging - Rise Against

In the face of change
Is when she turned to me and said,
"I'm not sure anymore..."
And there amidst the waves
And the cloudless skies
That blanket the year before
I watch my life wash ashore

Have you ever been a part of something
That you thought would never end?
And then of course it did
Have you ever felt the weight inside you
Pulling away inside your skin?
And then something had to give

Now the lines are drawn
Is this feeling gone?
The best parts of this have come and gone
And now that is all this is
With the reasons clear
We'll spend another year
Without direction, full of fear
But now things will be different

There's nothing simple when it comes to you and i
Always something in this everchanging life
And it probably always will
Now that time is getting harder to come by
The same arguments are always on our mind
We've killed this slowly fading light


Now something has kept me here too long
And you can't leave me if I'm already gone

Make the same mistakes we're always hanging on
Break the promises we're always leaning on
All this time spent waking up
(now i) keep this line open to get this call from you
(as you) speak the words that keep me coming back to you
Now this time it's all different

Now something has kept me here too long and now I'm gone...

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