III - Ritt Momney

All my friends
Are making their way
She's in bed
And still feels the same
But what's a feeling to the truth
And I found no face in you
In you
But things always leave
Some you'll choose
Some you will grieve
There will be dreams that don't come true
There will be things you thought you knew
You knew
Stay where you are
Now I'm leaving you
But I won't go too far

I grew away from you
You're all alone in a mind made for two
But if the color starts to fade from view
Just put the paintbrush in your hand
Your hand

This year I changed in the sense that I didn't
This year I moved not by foot but by inch
This year I learned what she'd do to be smiled at
This year the shape of my mouth never flinched
This year the good things were far less appealing
This year the bad won me over for good
This year my tongue nearly lost all its feeling
This year my lips moved much more than they should

This year I grew till the sky filled my ears
With whispers of sadness I turned into songs
This year I learned I can sing to a crowd
Much more honestly than I can talk to my mom
This year I wrote down some notes in my phone
And later heard strangers recite every word
This year I felt all their eyes and their ears
I don't want to be seen I just want to be heard

Her and all my friends left me a year ago
Maybe more, I heard that time flies when you spend it though
I used to sleep and spawn tears
Those are gone
I don't think I'll cry as long as I've still got my girlfriends and my songs here
Speaking of the songs I'd like to thank you for the girlfriend
Speaking of the girlfriend thanks for staying here so long
Speaking of the friends I'd like to thank you for the good times
And speaking of the her I'd like to thank you for the songs

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