On Love (an Alternative Response to Almitra's Request) - Ritt Momney

All the people who have told me
That love will make me whole
Love was with them in the moment
Another mistake on my part
I'm no savior in heart or in mind

The deals people make and the love people trade
Is this an art or a business venture?
Is your contest one I can enter?
I'm not expecting any love
But just give me some fun in return

I don't need my words revised
By all these blue-faced, red-penned writers
She lifts the weight, I feel much lighter
But is interaction lacking pain or passion
Worth the time?

I need to find better ways
To fill all these empty chairs
I need some more disarray
I need lots more love to share
My patience left me in May
I haven't heard from him since
But if you've got more to say
I can tell him he's needed

She's got some pretty new friends
They make her angry sometimes
If they take her clothes again
She is gonna lose her mind

I don't think I should still be concerned with her social life
But while she's clenching her teeth
My tongue will hide behind mine

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